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A Modest Proposal for the Reclamation of Wasted Infrastructural Landscapes to Benefit Future Public Highway Urbanization. 


This thesis served as an investigation into the potential of satire as a tool for creating dialogue and critical discourse within the field of architecture to criticize and comment on illogical and/or controversial situations with an emphasis on irony, exaggeration, and absurdity. Finding the current situation of highway planning and its subsequent land use to be rather absurd and in need of architectural criticism, satire seemed like an appropriate response to the situation to create this dialogue regarding a better appropriation of these vast wasted landscapes. Thus, the process began by exploring the opportunities this wasted byproduct of the Interstate Highway System could provide in an effort to return the land to its rightful users.

Completed in 2017 for the completion of a Professional Master of Architecture degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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