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Sunset Blvd Redesign

The project I spent most of my time on during my internship with Marmol Radziner was a proposal to the neighborhood of Brentwood to redesign a large portion of Sunset Boulevard in an attempt to make the corridor more accommodating to bicyclists and pedestrians via protected bikeways and sidewalk set-backs. Large portions of Sunset Boulevard are dangerous for pedestrians due to the high speed traffic and lack of proper accomodations. This led me to in-depth research into traffic calming methods and bicycle safety. I was heavily involved with the proposal, beginning with early design conception in conjunction with Brad Williams, an associate architect, and Ron Radziner, one of the founding partners. I then took the project through the production of the presentation graphics, which are included in this section, in critical collaborative discussions with Brad. For me, the project ended with a meeting with members of the Brentwood neighborhood committee to present the proposal. They were very welcoming of the ideas and commended me on the quality of the graphics. Although this project was not a significant design challenge, I now feel more confident about representing ideas and design via graphic outlets.

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