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red chair

Materials: steel with powder coat finish

Dimensions: 28" (h) x 18" (w) x 18" (d)

‘Red Chair’ is a celebration of the pure and honest relationship between design and fabrication, depicting an equality of contribution from the two disciplines. When the elements of form, color, and materiality are stripped down to their bare minimum, what remains is its basic essence of function - an object for sitting.​​


The three essential elements — the seat, the legs, and the backrest — are reduced to two adjoining strokes that form a sinuous composition; one being the horizontal plane of the seat that curves into the vertical plane of the rear legs, and the other being the vertical elements of the front legs that seamlessly merge into the horizontal curve of the backrest. 


The high-gloss red finish highlights the simplicity of the form against its environment, while emphasizing the boldness and seduction of an unadulterated primary color.


‘Red Chair’ is a continuing exploration that could not have been possible without Andy Chan and AJ Costa. Special thanks to Henry DeFauw.

This chair was selected to be exhibited at the 33rd Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, October 2019

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