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Treylor Park Charcuterie

As part of a collaborative project between my furniture design class and a ceramics class, we were paired with ceramics students and assigned a local restaurant for which to design tableware. My partner and I were challenged with designing and fabricating an appetizer dish, the charcuterie. We redesigned the charcuterie to become a pallet to keep with the theme and reclaimed aesthetic Treylor Park is known for. Contrasting typical charcuterie design, each piece of the pallet becomes the site for the intentional placement of each portion of the dish, giving the food the deliberate and thoughtful setting it deserves.



Ceramic bowls – first modeled in Rhino, then 3D Printed. The prints were sanded to smooth finish and then served as the positive for a plaster mold casting. The molds were then used for slip casting and then the dried ceramic was bisque fired, glazed, and glaze fired.

Pallet – first modeled in Rhino. Laser Cut templates were used for the precise routing of the pieces. Once cut out, sanding took place to soften and round edges while also making the pieces smooth to the touch. Finally, food safe cutting board oil was used to finish the pieces before being glued together.


Project design completed in collaboration with Paige Rimko. Slip cast dishes completed by Paige Rimko. Cherry pallet completed by Jimmy Darling.


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