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casa de brea

Design by Professor Ana de Brea. Construction completed in collaboration with Alexandre Mballa-Ekobena and Nathan Loudin.

Working with a vision from architect and professor, Ana de Brea, the remodeling process for her bedroom began with an understanding of the room’s tectonics. A long process of deconstruction included removing existing carpet and wallpaper. A closet was opened up to create a kitchenette. A window was relocated to create maximum lighting on the southern wall and a door was installed in place of the window. An antique window was installed in the connected bathroom and the exterior brick veneer became exposed to the interior. Counter tops were constructed from repurposed pine lumber and are cantilevered to appear as floating. The concrete slab on grade was kept exposed, polished, and sealed to create a finished floor. Over 100 egg crates were collected and used to create a textured surface along one wall. This project provided an opportunity to learn how to work with client needs, budgeting, scheduling, and construction methods.




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